There is no magic solution against high blood pressure. Even pharmacy drugs prescribed by doctors are not the ones. I meet regularly patients who take 4-6 different antihypertensives on a daily basis for several years, sometimes for decades. In addition to the tolerance of side effects, they still have high blood pressure or high fluctuations in blood pressure.

The ultimate desperate solution of general practitioners is typically xanax or something like a psychiatric agent without informing patients that this is the deadlock.

However, high blood pressure can be eased to such an extent by tiny, all-natural methods that 90 percent of cases do not require any medication or surgical treatment at all.

I plan to build a program for those who are struggling with their blood pressure similar to my 25 day diabetes program but as of now, I am writing here those things that I use for treating high blood pressure patients:

1. Do not amble! Walk!

In case of high blood pressure, the best improvement is achieved by exercises. A fast-paced walking lowers the average high blood pressure in the first month by 6-8 mmHg which is very significant. Behind the mechanism may be that exercises help the body to use oxygen more efficiently, so it does not force the heart constantly to pump harder. Almost every day, 30 minutes powerful walk needed. Raise distance or pace when it is no longer a challenge.

2. Breathe properly

Slow breathing and exercises done at breathing pace (qigong, taichi) reduce the production of hormones that regulate the production of the enzyme called renin produced by the kidneys. In the morning and in the evening, but even during the day, stop for 5 minutes and perform slow exercise or any exercise while taking deep, slow breaths. When inhaling push your belly out and and squeeze your muscles during exhale. It can also reduce blood pressure by 2-3 mmHg.

3. Potato

Inadequate nutrition can cause high blood pressure. People try to remedy high sodium and low potassium consumption by using potassium salts which is not as dangerous as some self-proclaimed experts advocate. I do not recommend it because there is a better solution. Only one unpeeled cooked potato contains nearly one gram of potassium in an organic, well-used form. In a 2006 study, tens of thousands of high blood pressure patients were diagnosed and found that the intake of 2 grams of potassium per day over the normal European diet resulted in a 2.54 mmHg systolic blood pressure drop. And that's just two potatoes vs high blood pressure.

4. Chocolate

Daily 10 grams of 70% cocoa-containing dark chocolate reduced the high blood pressure of a significant portion of the study participants by 2 mmHg in just 2 weeks. In addition, its label is not full of side effects…

5. Q10

There is a dietary supplement that is related to cellular energy production, and according to a recent study it can reduce blood pressure by up to 10 mmHg, if someone consumes it 3 times a day, 60 to 100 mg all together daily. It is worth considering it because the Q10 also improves the elasticity of the veins.

6. Alcohol

Even if some of the readers are going to stone me, I have to say that there is the therapeutic value of alcoholic drinks. Quite a lot, actually. Unfortunately, alcohol is a medicine where there is only a tiny line between the therapeutic dose and the harmful dose, so do not blame it on me if you drink a shot this evening...

However, a study was conducted to see how high blood pressure responds to alcohol consumption and it saw found that a quarter of a dose of alcohol is therapeutic, while the whole dose may have a negative effect on high blood pressure over longer term. The "dose" reported here means 3.5 dl of beer or 1.5 dl of wine. So! Important! The therapeutic amount is less than one dl of beer or half a cup of wine. A glass of wine or a bottle of beer is not part of the therapy.

The expected improvement is not low either. In this study had an average 3.5 mmHg decrease in high blood pressure.

7. Tea

Within 6 weeks, a decrease of 7 mmHg would be the glory of any prescription drug but this result was achieved by a Tufts University researcher with a herbal tea mixture containing hibiscus. Patients with high blood pressure who received placebo only during the study showed no change.

The herbal teas have a very good effect on all the functions of the body so I give it to almost every patient. You can buy high hibiscus-containing teas at every herbal store. I'm cautious of red-painted filtered tea. Often, they do not even contain the herbs showed on their packages, just colorant and aromas.

8. 8 hours work, 8 hours rest

Spending more than 40 hours in your office increases your the blood pressure by 15%, and it was revealed at California University suding 24205 participants. Overtime can not only lead to a direct blood pressure increase but also there is no time for sport and obtaining or collecting raw materials for healthy foods. In a race situation, it's not easy to say that "I'm done, I'm done today and work can wait until tomorrow" but if you do not want to spend all the money you earned by overworking for buying pharmacies and visiting doctors, you should consider my advice.

9. Classical music

Researchers took 28 adults with high blood pressure who have already taken some antihypertensive medications. They listened to a variety of classical, Celtic and Indian music and in the first week they had 3.2 points lower blood pressure and 4.4 points lower on average after a month. In the cars, offices, nightclubs those songs pushing up your blood pressure are everywhere on the commercial radios, along with bad news that have nothing to do with you, annoying, bad music, and they spread the sick view of the broadcasters. It is a pity that the research did not cover what would happen if we were in silence. Anyway, if you have high blood pressure, get classical music and listen to them.

10. Garlic

After 5 to 14 hours patients consumed garlic, half of the high blood pressure cases had a significant drop in blood pressure during a study conducted at the Clinical Research Center of New Orleans. In addition, garlic has a beneficial effect on the heart and the circulation system, so it would be advisable to consume it every 8 hours by those who have high blood pressure. Choose a supplement containing Q10 and garlic, as these must be included in your diet.

Although there is no magic solution for hypertension in natural medicine, if you calculated how much decrease of the above 10 methods could cause in blood pressure, you would find that I have suggested more effective therapy than any other known drug.

In countless cases, we have successfully used it in co-operation with their doctors, so that now they do not have to take medication, although they had been on medications prior to the therapy.

István Demecs, naturopath